The cooling of hands and feet before chemotherapy can effectively prevent peripheral nerve damage.

One side effect of chemotherapy that often occurs in cancer is peripheral neuropathy. As scientists reported in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, it can be successfully prevented in many cases by a targeted cooling of hands and feet, a cold therapy (cryotherapy).

Therapy-induced peripheral neuropathy occurs primarily after chemotherapy with taxanes and carboplatin. Patients feel severely affected by the pain, numbness, tingling or increased sensitivity to cold in the hands and feet associated with neuropathy. The cause of the side effect is damage to nerve fibres by cytostatic agents.

The recently reported study investigated whether cryotherapy can prevent the development of neuropathies. The researchers assumed that the cold stimulus reduces the blood flow to the nerve fibres and thus fewer cytostatic drugs reach the nerve fibres. Breast cancer patients treated weekly with paclitaxel chemotherapy put on a frozen glove and sock on one side for 90 minutes during each chemotherapy (15 minutes before the start of one hour chemotherapy until 15 minutes after). The other hand and foot were not treated.

In fact, signs of peripheral neuropathy such as reduced touch sensitivity, disturbed heat sensitivity and discomfort were significantly less common on the cooled side of the body than on the uncooled side.

According to the study, which was small but had a clear outcome, it could show that the risk of peripheral neuropathy could be reduced by cooling hands and feet during chemotherapy. Source: https://academic.oup.com/jnci/article/110/2/141/4443215

For this purpose we have developed a cooling glove optionally made of fabric or fleece. It is a combination product consisting of 2 gel pads for cooling and a fleece or fabric part for fixing to the hand or feet. The advantage of this cooling glove is that there is no direct skin contact between the gel insert and the hand or foot, but a soft fleece or fabric insert protects against point cold or heat transfer. Your own cooling gloves guarantee absolute hygiene with appropriate care. Especially during chemotherapy the immune system is attacked. It is particularly important to prevent the transmission of germs right from the start. You can continue to use the gloves for nail cosmetics after the end of chemotherapy. Please note the following: The gloves can also be used for heat therapy. Make sure that the treatment does not cause frostbite or burns. The treatment should not cause any pain due to cold or heat. If the application is too cold or too warm for you, take your hands or feet out of the glove for a short time. The application should only be carried out by experienced personnel.You can download a brochure here (11,2 MB)
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