HEI-KA-KOMP® Standard (single packs)

HEI-KA-KOMP® Standard (single packs)
Cold - warm - compress is not the same as cold - warm - compress. With a HEI-KA-KOMP® you can be absolutely sure to receive genuine brand quality. Differences in cold and warm compresses are:
Our film skin is made of opals. It is soft and elastic, yet very durable.

Many competitors' gels contain indefinable content. The gel of HEI-KA-KOMP® consists only of water, absolutely non-toxic high-purity 1.2 propylene glycol from an ISO-certified German company (no toxic cheap monopropylene glycol), cellulose, food colouring and small amounts of preservative to prevent bacterial and fungal attack of the gel. The high-quality raw materials have their price. Nevertheless, the HEI-KA-KOMP® is very affordable. In any case, you can be sure to buy a high-quality product and not a chemical cocktail.
HEI-KA-KOMP Green 1 piece packed in a carton.
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